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What is a vehicle wrap?
Car wraps can take many shapes, colors and sizes. A full wrap covers the entire surface of the car or vehicle. A partial wrap covers only a specific portion of the vehicle and uses the vehicle’s paint scheme as the backdrop for the full design. Vehicle wraps are done with vinyl materials (think of it as a large decal) that conform to the shape of your vehicle. They can be done in solid colors as “paint replacement” or can have digitally printed designs on the vinyl to really make your vehicle stand out. The application is so precise it is often mistaken for a custom paint job.
How effective are vehicle wraps as advertising?
A quick comparison in typical advertising mediums suggests the following:
  • Radio attracts 900,000 listeners in six weeks with 10 to 12 30-second spots.
  • Value Pak mailings offers a reach of 600,000 with 100,000 addresses per drop and your client is just one of many advertisers included in the packet.
  • Direct mail reaches 20,000 names with one post card mailer.
  • Seven city buses get 600,000 impressions in two months.
  • Billboards receive 700,000 impressions in one month.
  • An ad in the yellow pages can cost up to $15,000 per year—with your competitors listed right there next to your ad.
  • The same is true for pay-per-click advertising—at an even higher cost per month.
Car or vehicle wraps have the potential to garner thousands of impressions each day, they last up to fiver years (or more) and cost, on average, between $2,000 and $4,000 for a standard vehicle. A vehicle wrap is the most effective form of advertising in the market today. One car wrap garners between 30,000 and 70,000 views per day. It is a competitive environment and it isn't easy to create customer awareness by using simple, traditional advertising. You have to be out-of-the-ordinary to be seen in today's marketplace. If you want your brand to be recognized and be at the top of your client's mind when they are in need of your product or services, you have to stay in front of them daily. Car wraps boast the lowest cost-per-impression rate compared to any other form of advertising media and are not only affordable for large brands that elect to use vehicle wraps as a core advertising strategy, but also for small and medium-sized businesses. You can't shut off the message on a vehicle, like you can on a TV, it is displaying your message and providing valuable advertising 24/7. A vehicle wrap has many benefits that the exceedingly more expensive traditional media lacks, check out the vehicle wrap facts below from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America: Mobile advertising can be the most effective and efficient form of outdoor advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) than any other form of outdoor advertising. More than 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers. The average American has traveled 302 miles in the past 7 days. One vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 - 70,000 impressions daily. Federal Highway Administration study forecasts a sharp increase in the amount of time spent in personal vehicles and the number of trips per household.
Wil the wrap damage my paint?
Our wrap material are formulated with removable adhesive that does not harm your factory paint. It is unlikely however low quality re-paints or paint that is in an already peeling state could be worsened with the vinyl removal. In most all cases many people find that by wrapping their vehicle, it can possibly assist in keeping a higher resale value on the vehicle due to the protective benefits of the wrap.
How long does a vehicle wrap last?
A vehicle wrap will last between 3-5 years in commercial applications. With proper care it will last many more years.
Does it matter what color my car is?
No, a car wrap is not translucent; you cannot see through it.
It looks like there are graphics on the windows, will I still be able to see through the windows?
Yes the window graphics are printed on a perforated vinyl that allows you to see through the rear and side rear windows.
Do I need to wrap the entire vehicle?
No. You can get a partial wrap or a full wrap. You can even do lettering.
Can you wrap a leased vehicle?
You will always need to ask permission for your leasing company.
Can you easily remove vinyl graphics used for wraps?
We can remove them, its not suggested to remove your self with out the right equipment and knowledge of how to remove the graphics.
What if my vehicle is not local to your install facility?
No problem! We will come to you! We have a national network of installers or we will will deploy our local installers to you (They like to get off the island every now and then) depending on the job. Your print will be produced in house and shipped out to your location for install.
What Is The Process For Wrapping A Vehicle?
The first step for a good wrap is a good design. If you already have one ready then that's great. If you need a design our in house designer can sit down with you and work out a design that fits your needs. We then like to get measurements of your vehicle and a few photos so we can send you a proof with the design on the vehicle. After that we will schedule a day to install the wrap. It usually takes between 1-2 days depending on the size and complexity of the wrap.
Do I Have To Wash My Vehicle Before Installation?
Yes! We can sometimes accommodate a dirty vehicle but we hate washing cars and quite frankly are a whole lot better at wrapping them. Your vehicle will undergo a a final clean right before install but we ask that the vehicle be of clean dust, mud, wax, oil, Armor-all type products, and other agents. This may require use of a pressure washer and detergent. A clean vehicle is critical for a proper long lasting install.
Can I add GMGWraps into the wrap design and get a discount?
Your wrap will always come with a small GMGWraps logo. We are always open to additional advertising and would love to discuss a larger presence which you would be compensated for.
What are the artwork requirements if I have a designer of my choice create the wrap?
We need your artwork as a Vector. With any fonts used outlined.
What if company information on my wrap changes, can it be replaced?
Yes. Graphics, logos, and phone numbers (or any part of the design) can be changed, reprinted and re-installed as overlays on the car wrap.
How do I care for my wrap?
It is best to hand wash your wrapped vehicle. In general, avoid power washing and do not use an ice-scraper. Brushing windows and the use of a rear defroster will cause no damage to your window wrap.