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Somebody’s got to work when your fishing!

A day on the water can be a relaxing, fun, and exciting time. Well that awesome boat of yours could be doing a lot more for you than costing you fuel! Do you know while your fishing off the bow your boat could be advertising for your business? Or maybe you have made a profession of fishing. We can work with existing sponsors to develop a wrap or work with you to establish a design and sponsor list that could pay for that wrap. We also provide custom graphics just to add some personality and projection to your personal boat.

GMGWraps is located in a coastal community and our staff has spent many days on the water relaxing and working. We have also experienced the harsh environment and the damage it can do. We have partnered with some of the largest film manufacturers in the United States to develop a printing/install process and product that not only last in our environment but adds an extra layer of protection for your gel goat from scratches and fading.

So to some it up your boat could be wrapped in an potential award winning design, its advertising and making you money while your relax and fish, and it protects the boat’s finish. On top on that you could have it completely paid for. I’d say that’s a pretty awesome deal! Give us a call and lets make it happen!